Security License & Training in Toronto

Canam Security Training brings you the ultimate solution you need! We are a government-approved security training provider acknowledged by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. We offer comprehensive Security Training Toronto through which you can learn and acquire the security license for pursuing the profession. 

Overview: Security Training Programme

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Getting the Security license Toronto is not a one-day process, but we simplify it for you!

With Canam Security Training facilities, obtain online training support and upgrade your skill set. If you want a golden career in this field, undergo the training essential for learning professional skills. We have a team of experienced trainers to guide you with the best practices and skills of security training.


How do I get a security License in Toronto?

The process of obtaining a Security license in the city is easy with the best mentors. At the Canam security training center, find the virtual support of the trainers and mentors at any hour of the day. 

Give us a ring, and we will help you all through. You need to register with us, and we will train you to stay well-prepared for the final exam conducted by the ministry. The ministry examination is the last step following which you can get the license to become a professional in the field.

1. Meet all Requirements for a Security license

To apply for security guard training in Toronto and get the license, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

If you have any doubts about the requirements and the eligibility norms of the licensed program, reach out to us and our support team will resolve your doubts immediately.

2. Complete 40-Hour Security Training Toronto

Do you know the best part of undergoing the security training program at Canam Security Training? We guarantee flexibility in learning. We do not define the time limit and force you to finish the course within a short span.

It is a total 40-hour online training session, and you can break the sessions into numerous parts based on your learning speed and convenience. We help you prepare well for the exam with in-depth knowledge about every essential skill of security and protection. 

3. Register and Pass the Security Exam

We are ready to help you, and you only need to give us a ring.

You can connect to our team for undergoing the security training program in Toronto, and we will help you with the registration process. You can pass the online ministry exam under our guidance and prepare optimally.

4. Apply for Security License Toronto

Stay well-prepared for the ministry exam and learn all the skills essential for becoming a proficient security professional. From basics to pro skills for security guards – we bring it all under the Security License program session.

Connect with our team, and we will help you register and apply for the ministry examination all through. We help you receive the guard license number online and simplify the process.


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How long does it take to get a security license in Toronto?

You can take as many days as you want to and access the training material through your mobile and digital devices. The time taken for the license can be around 30 days. We help you obtain a real-time update on the license number, and you get the physical license copy within a month.

Are security guard jobs available in Toronto?

The jobs are increasing rapidly, and you need to make the most of it by learning everything that matters to become a proficient security executive.

It is time to give us a ring, as we will help you transform your dreams of serving people with your security skills! 

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