What is a Training Completion Number?

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Do you wish to become a professional in the field of security and law enforcement in Ontario, Canada? The professional responsibilities of a security guard are paramount to any firm or company you work for. But there are several other crucial aspects that matter other than the on-job duties of the security executive. There are different requirements eligibility criteria, and documentation needed to ensure a professional career in this sector of security and law enforcement. Among the many things, the training completion number is one such critical aspect you should know about in detail if you want to make a career in this sector. 

What is the Training Completion Number (TCN)?

An aspirant needs to complete the training program from a training firm and obtain the Security Guard License through securityguardcourse.ca. The training completion number is given to you by Serco on their official website – ontariosecuritytesting.com. It is provided alongside the link to the ministry examination you need to appear for. Simply put, after completing the training, while you decide to sit for the final examination, you obtain the TCN, a unique number. 

  • You get it after completing the online security guard training course of 33.5 hours and the Emergency First Aid course of usually 6.5 hours. These are the mandatory training programs of the Ontario Security Guard Training Course.
  • Once you meet the eligibility norms and register for the license through the consent form alongside a copy of the valid First Aid Certificate, the processing for the TCN begins. 
  • You get the TCN via email and it is essential for appearing in the examination. If you do not get the link and the training completion number, you will not be permitted to appear in the test of 75 minutes containing 60 multiple-choice questions.

Is TCN Important?

Yes, it is crucial if you want to make a professional career as a security executive or security guard in the law enforcement and security sector. The best thing about the training completion number is it does not expire after a period. Hence, the students can take ample time after completing the Security Guard Training or Private Investigator Training Program. It also helps you get the much-needed preparation before appearing in the ministry examination. 

The examination – Crucial to note a few things

If you are an aspirant and want to make a promising career in this sector, you need to make the best moves from the start. From choosing the best training resource to getting the license, everything matters crucially. Security Licence & Training Hamilton can be your first step to success.

  • Choosing the best guides – The first step is to find the best guidance to ensure optimal preparation. You can connect to a government-recognized training center and avail yourself of online training classes to learn effectively. It is best to find a training institution that offers online sessions with flexible schedules.
  • Experience and expertise – Do not only focus on the affordability of the training fees as you need to ensure the best guidance. The reliability of the training center matter equally. Go for a training center that balances learning requirements with the affordability quotient.
  • Online services for all – The process of becoming a security guard in Ontario has mostly transferred to the online platform. Besides a few mandatory onsite steps, most things happen online, including the ministry examination. So why should you go for a training center that offers offline classes? Prioritize your learning pace and method of learning by choosing a convenient solution. Go for a ministry-recognized training firm to get the training completion number in the end.

Know every detail before you apply

Several crucial aspects matter when becoming a successful professional security guard. Note the vital information from the experts in the field and make the best career moves.

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