Why is knowledge in basic first aid essential to obtain Security License Brampton?

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The role of the security officers in both residential and commercial complexes is not just to prevent thefts and crime. It also involves saving lives during emergency conditions. Basic First Aid is something that you need to learn to ensure doing your duty with perfection. Besides this, saving a life will also make you feel proud and valued.   

Why do people generally avoid getting trained in First Aid programs?

There are several reasons cited for it. They could be quite busy with their work or daily lives. Some even think that during emergency situations, they can simply check out YouTube or some blog content for assistance or already possess sufficient knowledge. A few even are of the belief that they are very careful and accidents might occur only to others and not their families or known people. 

Why is basic knowledge in First Aid essential?

To become a successful security officer, you do need a valid Security license Brampton along with First Aid knowledge. Reasons to learn the latter are given below:

  • Allow you to improve patient comfort: The fact is that not all illnesses, injuries or accidents require patients to visit a hospital. But they are likely to experience intense suffering and pain. First Aid training allows you to use the right techniques to provide immediate respite to the patient and make them feel comfortable. It also trains you to be collected and calm while providing emotional support. 
  • Saves lives: Knowledge in First Aid allows you to save precious lives. Besides this, some situations may require immediate actions to be taken that can make a huge difference between long-term or temporary disability and even death. The training also teaches you how to stay calm during emergency situations. You also get to learn simple acronyms to recollect the steps to undertake.
  • Creates immense confidence to provide proper care: Since you have acquired several hours of practical training, you can provide First Aid care with great confidence. People will also abide by your instructions as they will know you have proper and valid certifications. You will also know the right way to react in some situations. Thus, you can solve several non-medical cases, thereby saving lives. 
  • Provides essential tools to avoid the situation from getting worse: It is quite true that without immediate basic care, patient’s conditions are likely to deteriorate very fast. With proper training in First Aid care, you can handle the situation better and ensure the patient is in a condition where he/she can be taken to the nearest hospital for proper treatment. The training will teach you to use available household items for this purpose. 
  • Boosts safe and healthy living: Basic security training combined with Emergency First Aid also helps you to take care of your safety as well as that of your team members. You can also impart the knowledge gained to your team members and help them to develop good lifestyle choices and habits. You can also be alert to the surrounding potential hazards. 

Get comprehensive training

You need to get your First Aid care and security training only from a reputed company with proven track records. Make sure it is a government-approved agency providing comprehensive course and test materials for practice. The right choice will enable you to protect lives at home and work alike.

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