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Basic Security Training & Emergency First Aid Combo​

In this package we will provide you total 40 hours of training. 32 hours security training can be done online on our website and 8 hours Emergency First Aid CPR course will be done in person at one of your facility.

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Basic Security Training

In this course you will get access to your leaning portal to complete your CPR training Toronto. You are required to provide your own Emergency First Aid CPR certificate to receive your TCN.

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Blended Emergency First Aid CPR Course

Blended course helps you to do your part of your First Aid course online and after completing that you can do your remaining practical training in-class at one of our training facility. Emergency First Aid course offers 3 hours Online & 3.5 Hours in-person training.

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Blended Standard First Aid CPR Course

Standard First Aid course is a 2 day course. 16 hours training must be completed to receive Standard First Aid CPR certification. We do provide blended SFA/CPR Program in which you can complete Day 1 training online and Day 2 practical in-person at one of our facility.

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