Ontario Security License

Ontario Security License

Canam Security Training brings you a chance to hold a license for security training and more. We have a team of experienced trainers to guide you online through virtual classes. We teach you in your comfort zone and convenience! Our team has trained thousands of aspirants and students willing to learn more about security, standard guarding, and emergency combat. Receive the training that plays a part in shaping your career with our team of experts from the comfort of your home. 


Ontario Security Guard

Our offerings for Ontario security license include an all-inclusive syllabus recognized by the Government and Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. The training we provide under this license and certification program prepares you for emergencies and critical situations. Our students have successfully developed and evolved their careers in the law enforcement field. 

  • We are a certified company registered with the Government
  • Our courses are virtual, and you can learn at your pace and convenience
  • We provide you with an effective license that facilitates your professional endeavors
  • Our license training schedules are flexible, and we offer a 24/7 training program
  • Access the course material and virtual training sessions through mobiles, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices.

At Canam Security Training, we offer the Ontario security license and certification course for all. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can register and get trained to earn a security license for making a career in the law enforcement field.

Who Can Apply for a Security License in Ontario?


How to Get a Security License in Ontario?

We offer a comprehensive training course covering the basics of security and high-level security training modules.

To get the license, all you need is to give us a ring and we will connect you to the experts! Our team of experienced trainers has collaborated with multiple Canadian Red Cross training providers. We bring you a course that suffices the requirements of PSISA. With us, you can – 

  • Attend online classes
  • Complete the course at your speed
  • Access the classes 24/7

1. Meet Licensing Requirements

Know the eligibility criteria before applying. Apply for the Ontario security license and get registered with us for the license training program, if you meet the following requirements –  

  • Crossed the age of 18 with legal proof
  • Eligible to start a professional career in Canada
  • No criminal cases or records of unlawful activities

You need to prove a clean criminal record as per Ontario Regulation 37/08.

2. Complete Your Security License Training

You can complete the basic training with us by attending the virtual classes. We have experienced trainers who can guide you 24/7. Our courses are recognized by the government, and you can access the course material and training videos anytime you want to. 

We do not have a forced timeline to complete the training. We leave it to the students to continue the training at their convenience and learning pace.

3. Write a Test

After you have covered all the classes and attended the virtual program sessions, you need to sit for a test. We provide you with end-to-end support and relevant information for the final test. It is the last step before acquiring the license. If you pass this test, you get the security license for making a potential career. 

4. Apply for Ontario Security License

Connect to us and get an affordable solution for getting trained under the security experts. Give us a call, and our team will resolve the doubts. Apply for the program if you can meet the eligibility norms. After submitting the application, you can take the course at your convenience and complete it after attending all the classes. The entire process is virtual, and you can receive the license via email.


Ontario Security License Renewal

Get the Ontario security license, valid for more than a year. The security license you receive from Canam Security Training will contain the exact expiry date, and you can conveniently renew it. 

Connect to our team and get a credible solution for the license training program, accredited by the government to make a successful career.